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Ph.D Counseling Psychology/Testing and Measurements; Washington State University; 1985. Title of Dissertation: The Effects of a Computer-Based Career Guidance System (SIGI) on the Career Maturity of College Students. (Chairperson: Dennis A. Warner, Chairperson: Department of Counseling Psychology.)
M.S. Counseling and Student Personnel Administration; Indiana University; 1976.
B.A. Speech Communication and Sociology; University of Denver; 1973.





Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor (LPC-S) State of Texas (No. 08760)




Vice President of Student Development (retired),San Jacinto College District, Pasadena Texas;2006-August 31, 2012.San Jacinto College is an “Achieving The Dream Leader College”.Managed the operation of the Student Development Division across three campuses. Supervised over eighty full time employees in order to deliver high quality services to over 30,000 credit students who attend and all other individuals utilizing these services. These services included: counseling, educational planning/advising, student success/retention, First Year Experience program (FYE), International Student Program, disability services, recruiting and outreach and student discipline and judicial board.The First Year Experience Program/Student Success Centersare responsible for the FYE Calling Program that trains student leaders who provide a peer-to-peer outreach to all first time in college students. Referrals are then made to appropriate support services at the college. Led and coordinated an all college “faculty advisingprogram”with the Deputy Chancellor, Deans of Student Development, and individuals within the instructional division. The faculty advising program was introduced and incorporated into all student success courses at the college. In addition, designed a program that provided critical support services for all student success courses. This included a series of points of contact including the following in-class interactive presentations: creation of a college email account, support services available to all students, career testing and planning, development of individualized short and long term educational plans, and registration for the following semester.Developed and implemented a college-wide “Communication Plan” which   established a strategic enrollment management system and process for recruiting and enrolling students at the college. This plan was created with up to thirty-four points of contact and designed to significantly increase yield and enrollment at the college. Included as part of the FYE program, is a mandatory new student orientation, a bi-weekly student success newsletter, and educational planning and career development workshops that wereincorporated into the college’s required student success course. One of three team members who redesigned the entire student services division in order to maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and improve the quality of servicesprovided without increasing the overall student services budget. This involved the creation of a “one-stop-shop” system, whereby most students can receive all of their services at an enrollment and information bar. Participated in the planning and design of two new “one-stop-shop” student services buildings at the college. Each of these facilities house all of the student services for these campuses, and provides an easy and friendly pathway for new students to matriculate into the college and current and former students to receive the critical assistance they require. Another major responsibility is the “Shared Counselor/Educational Planner” program which places a SJC counselor in 13 feeder high schools providing services that promote success and attendance at college. Developed a highly creative and dynamic leadership team that planned, implemented and measured the effectiveness of all programs and initiatives, as well as staff accountability within the student development division. Assisted with the implementation of a performance management system at the college that uses a “cascading” system of strategic planning and goal setting and ties in college-wide, divisional, and departmental objectives and metrics.


Vice President of Student Services, San Jacinto College South, Houston, Texas; 2001 to 2006; interim basis 1999-2000.Served as thesenior officer responsible for executive oversight and development of services and programs including: counseling, advising, international students, special populations, child care center, testing, financial aid, student life, career and employment services, food services, intercollegiate athletics, commencement, recreational sports, marketing and recruiting. Provided leadership, visioning, strategic planning, and budgeting processes to insure continuous development of student and campus support services consistent with the institutional mission and goals. Conducted a number of process and function reviews in order to improve the quality of services provided at the college. Assisted with the creation of a college-wide “Call Center” which fields nearly 500,000 calls per year. CallCenter specialists are highly trained in all student services areas and can resolve most student concerns quickly and without transferring the student to another campus office.



Associate Dean of Student Development;Director of Counseling, Testing and Placement, San Jacinto College South, Houston, Texas; 1989-2001. This position was upgraded from Director to Associate Dean in 1999. Managed all functions within a comprehensive student services unit: counseling (academic advising/ personal and career counseling), testing, placement, international student program, and recruiting. Supervised eleven full-time and six part-time staff which entailed ongoing professional training and development. Administrated a $465,000.00 budget. Coordinated special projects including: workshops, testing, statistical reports, peer assistance program, community outreach, computerized career guidance systems, marketing/publicity, recruitment, college night, job fair, job resource bank, and articulation agreements between the San Jacinto College District and all major public and private universities in the state. Responsible for the coordination of Start Trek, a program designed to motivate eighth grade students to complete and excel in their educational pursuits. Developed and implemented an orientation program designed to afford students an opportunity to complete all necessary steps to enroll at the college (testing, interest sessions, and advising). Served as the disciplinary administrator for the campus. Developed a federally funded grant which established the development of a career and personal development resource room within the center.



Coordinator, Leadership Development Program, San Jacinto College District, Houston, Texas; 1997-Present. Appointed by the Chancellor to develop the first comprehensive leadership program for administrators and managers within the San Jacinto College District. This program was designed to provide leadership development through a professional speaker series, a training component which allows individuals an opportunity to attend national, state, and local conferences and institutes, and an in-depth campus-based seminar track which incorporates specialized classes.


Chairperson, Presidential Search Committee, San Jacinto College South, Houston, Texas, 1997. Served as the chairperson of the Search Committee for the President of San Jacinto College South. The committee employed the guidelines set forth by the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT).


Directorate, Commission XI, American College Personnel Association (ACPA), Washington, D. C. 1997-2000. Member of the commission which promotes the improvement of student development programs and enhances the professional development of student development personnel in two-year colleges.  


Member, Ad Hoc Examination Committee, Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors; Austin, Texas; 1989-1999. Reviewed, revised, and developed the data base of the examination items for professional licensure in the state of Texas.


Co-Chair, Committee on Career Development for Adults' (Post-Secondary). National Career Development Association; 1988-1996. Established goals, organized special projects, supervised production of various programs, and increased membership from 10 to 65 members.


Chair, Wellness Committee, Galveston College, Galveston, Texas; 1985-1987. Implemented a comprehensive wellness program based on the model developed by the Institute for Holistic Lifestyling. Programming of athletic activities, seminars, and forums including: smoking cessation, stress management, assertiveness training, and various other participatory events.


Registrar/Veterans' Affairs Officer, Lexington Community College, Lexington, Kentucky; 1977-1979. Responsibilities included registration, records, and transcripts, administering diplomas, evaluation and advising students with academic problems. Duties included budget formation, veterans' registration, verifying employment, and supervising four full-time and three part-time employees.




Owner/Counselor,Lone Star Counseling Solutions, Boerne and Houston, Texas; 2013- present. Owner and counselor for a comprehensive counseling services private practice. Provide career counseling, assessment, goal setting, interviewing skills,job search and resume/cover letter writing. Work with individuals who are experiencing grief and loss in their lives with a unique level of insight, empathy and understanding that is provided only through the experiential part of life.When working in the areas of stress management, self-esteem, relationships and personal growth issues, mainly employ cognitive behavioral and solution-focused strategies to help clients work through challenges, learn new skills and achieve their goals.


Allied Health Professional Associate, Baywood Hospital, Webster, Texas; 1990-1992.
Provided therapy to individuals who are receiving in-patient mental health services. Counseling consists of holistic work in the areas of stress management, cognitive restructuring, coping, and problem solving skills as they relate to career and life planning issues.


Counselor, CounselingServices, San Jacinto College Central, Pasadena, Texas; 1988-1989. Assisted students in regard to their choice of career, personal-social effectiveness, emotional well-being, and educational goals. Administered and interpreted computerized vocational, personality and placement testing. Conducted workshops/groups on topics pertinent to students needs: stress management, test anxiety, career exploration, study skills, time management, resume writing, and interviewing techniques. Editor for the Counselors' Dialogue, a published newsletter which links the college with area high schools and intermediate schools.


Psychotherapist, Private Practice, 5 Oak Tree, Friendswood, Texas; 1988-1993. Provided therapy for individuals, couples, and groups concerning: self-esteem, stress management assertiveness, depression, and interpersonal relations.



Counselor, Counseling Services, Galveston College, Galveston, Texas; 1984-1988. Provided comprehensive counseling services to students including personal counseling, career counseling, and academic advising. Administered and evaluated placement, vocational and psychological tests. Conducted crisis intervention, research, individual and group counseling. Directed the "Para-Pro Program an outreach service utilized by the University and community.



Counselor (Assistantship), Career Services, Washington State University, Pullman Washington; 1983-1984. Counseled students using a holistic approach, to facilitate their career and life development. Assisted in exploring values, self-concept, interests, abilities and decision-making skills. Administered and assessed vocational tests in individual and group settings.



Psychological Counselor (Practicum), Psychological Services, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington; 1983-1984. Leader of a psychotherapy group which provided members with the unique opportunity of exploring communication, self-esteem and interpersonal and family conflict.


Counselor (Practicum), Psychological Services, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington; 1982-1983. Provided individual psychotherapy dealing with eating disorders, interpersonal communications, substance abuse, stress management, assertion, self-concept, and depression.


Counselor, Edison Community College, Naples, Florida; 1979-1981. Counseled students concerning educational, developmental, vocational, social, personal, and family concerns. Advised students in accordance with their educational plans. Administered, scored, and processed the educational, psychological, and vocational tests available to college and high school students.






Faculty, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas; 1991-1999. Instructor for Life/Work Planning (PSYC 5335). Incorporate the theory and applied aspects of work and adult developmental psychology. Focuses on self-assessment in order to facilitate understanding of the relationship among personality, values, interests, skills and abilities, motivational patterns, decision-making styles, and self-concept. In addition, modules include resume writing, job search techniques, and skills for interviewing.



Faculty, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas; 1990-1999. Instructor for the Graduate School Counseling Internship (COUN 6739). Direct supervision of graduate students who are providing psychotherapeutic services; individual, small group and family. Consultation and coordination of services provided with site supervision.


Faculty, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas; 1987-1990. Instructor for the Graduate School Counseling Practicum (COUN 5739). Provides professional supervision for graduate students in the application of therapeutic skills, techniques, and concepts in order to enhance their competencies in the helping relationship.


Instructor, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas; 1985-1992. Instructor for workshops in career exploration. Incorporates an integrative approach in order to recognize aspects of one's life: needs, interpersonal relations, personal value systems, interests, skills and abilities, family systems, impact of self-concept, and decision-making skills.


Instructor, San Jacinto College Central, Pasadena, Texas; 1988-1990. Instructor for an orientation course which covered a variety of topics; self-concept, study skills, time management, career, and decision making skills.


Faculty, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas; 1988. Instructor for the Graduate School Counseling Psychology Seminar (PSYC 5741). Provided didactic and microskills training. Afforded students an opportunity to integrate and apply the principles of counseling theory, skills, and techniques to be utilized in the resolution of client problems and concerns.


Faculty, Galveston College, Galveston, Texas; 1984-1988. Instructed courses in human potential (i.e. career development, study skills, interviewing, resume writing, job search, time management, assertiveness, training, stress management, test anxiety and systematic desensitization).


Instructor, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington; 1983-1984. Instructed courses in career development which focused on teaching models for decision-making; helping students to assess their interests, skills, and abilities; and the process and implications of selecting a major and career.


Faculty, Edison Community College, Naples, Florida; 1979-1981. Taught courses in psychology, human development, and personal social adjustment. Topics centered around personality functioning, psychological theories and concepts, human behavior and interpersonal relationships.


Instructor, Edison Community College, Naples, Florida; 1979-1981. Conducted seminars designed to help students experiencing academic difficulties. Included development of behavioral objectives to help increase student motivation, self-worth, and the establishment of life goals.





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Voted “Boss of the Year” by the San Jacinto College District’s Association of Educational Office Personnel, 1995.
Recognized as outstanding graduate student in Counseling Psychology by Kappa Delta Pi, Washington State University, 1984.




NACADA(National Academic Advising Association)

ACA (American Counseling Association)

NCDA(National Career Development Association)

TCA(Texas Counseling Association)

ACPA(American College Personal Association)


Avid golfer, hiker, international travel, sailing, snow skiing, snowshoeing, pottery on the wheel, writing and performing music, and eclectic reading



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