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Career Counseling

Let’s face it, if you are going to work 93,000 hours of your life, you want to be happy with the duties, responsibilities, salary, advancement opportunities, job security and all other facets of the job.  If not, your days will be miserable and will affect every aspect of your life (then you’ll find yourself unhappy and back in my office).  If you are dissatisfied in your career, it is highly likely that you are experiencing some level of anxiety, stress, sadness, depression, anger or frustration.  If this is the way you are feeling then t's quite common to take out your unhappiness on your family, co-workers and friends.  Additionally, the anxiety of change and indecision often accompany these feelings.  My education, experience and professional licensure as a counselor (LPC-S) allows me to work holistically with you to improve your life, find meaning and purpose, fulfillment and happiness (what's not to like about that?). Let’s spend some focused and deliberate time and effort on ensuring that you are working at a meaningful and satisfying career.  The journey (I promise, it’s not painful and shouldn’t involve lugging luggage around) and effort will be worth it. I absolutely believe that good decisions are based on good information.  My career process involves a thorough and comprehensive exploration of yourself and the world of work.  Through in-person or Skype/On-Line counseling we will work together to develop your goals, objectives, and action plan to get you to where you want to be.  Part of the process might involve the use of assessments that will provide us with critical and insightful information.  Although I have used many different assessment instruments, I like to utilize the following:

  • Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
  • Do What You Are (DWYA)- Personality Self Discovery Assessment
  • Learning Styles Inventory
  • Myers Briggs
  • Strengths Finder

I will customize which assessments are used based on your individual characteristics and needs.  The cost for assessments and a detailed analysis is $95.

Cost for counseling:  $110 per hour (60 minutes) in-person (IP) and $90.00 per hour (60 minutes) Skype (S). 
Note:  If you request additional time my charge is $110 per 60 minute session or quarter increments of $27.50 (IP) and $22.50 (S).

 My counseling services features sessions that provide in-take, assessments, action plans, follow-through, support, feedback, coaching and practice.

  • Note: For the hourly counseling,  I offer reduced rates of $20 per session (not counting sessions devoted to taking the assessments) for those clients that choose the Skype/Online counseling option (for more information, see the section on Skype/Online Counseling).


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