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Resume and Cover Letter


Your resume only receives a quick glance, at best, so we will will work to make it powerful and reflective of your skills, talents and abilities.  We will discuss, critique and fine tune your resume and cover letter so that the content and format reflect your value to the companies, corporations, organizations or agencies that you are applying to. 

With the job market being so competitive and interviewers receiving so many applications, we need to seperate you from the "pack" (it truly is like a "dog eat dog" market).  As Vice President at a large college, I have interviewed, read resumes and poured over cover letters from hundreds of applicants, ranging from senior managers to entry level staff.  I have real life experience and know what it takes to help you stand out as an applicant.  We will work together to create hard hitting metric based application materials that will get you interviews.  My work at the college, helping them create a performance management system that is widely used in industry and educational systems, also provides me with practical experience on how to impress a prospective employer.  We will reach the "WOW" factor.

Charge is $110 per session

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