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Do you take insurance for psychotherapy appointments?

Yes, I have been approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas as an in-network provider. It is extremely important that you contact your insurance company, by calling the number on the back of your card, for mental health or behavioral health services. Be sure to ask about the reimbursement process, and if you need a pre-authorization code for your sessions (some plans won't reimburse without it). Find out if there are specific forms you need to submit to get your sessions covered.

Some considerations when submitting insurance?

  • I believe strongly in protecting your privacy, but on an insurance panel, I do not have control of confidential information they need to approve your treatment.
  • Insurance companies require that I submit a diagnosis of a mental disorder in order to provide coverage. Clients who did not meet full criteria for a mental illness may be denied coverage, because it is not deemed "medically necessary."
  • Because the insurance company is paying part of your bill for psychotherapy, they are also entitled to information about your counseling sessions - the frequency, treatment plan, and other confidential details.
  • In order to contain their costs, they are also more actively trying to dictate the treatment plan and what they determine is "medically necessary" treatment.