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Counseling Services


I believe we all get stuck and establish certain patterns of behavior that are making our lives more difficult than necessary.  

Additionally, we all find ourselves in situations and life events that test our strength and ability to cope with life. Stress, grief and loss, relationships, self-esteem, our career and job, depression, and just a general lack of direction and purpose are all issues that affect us. On a personal note, I feel well qualified to work with individuals who are experiencing grief and loss in their lives.  My wife and I traveled a terrible journey of our own, having lost our beloved daughter to cancer at age 14. I use a solution based approach, built on cognitive behavioral principles, and work with you to identify your strengths, resources and new ways to approach and improve your life.  Along with solid counseling strategies, I am a strong proponent of using humor at appropriate times to help you tackle your life challenges.

 My Ph.D. in counseling, along with nearly 40 years of training, college teaching and serving as the Vice President of Student Development at a large college uniquely qualifies me to effectively work within the realms of career and personal counseling. I employ a broad based set of skills and strategies that lead to successful solutions and improvements in your life.Call me and let's get started now working together toward the happiness you seek in your life.

Cost for counseling:  $110 per hour (60 minutes) in-person (IP) and $90.00 per hour (60 minutes) Skype (S).  
If you request additional time my charge is $110 per 60 minute session or quarter increments of $27.50 (IP) and $22.50 (S).

Note: For the hourly counseling,  I offer reduced rates of $20 per session (not counting sessions devoted to taking the assessments) for those clients that choose the Skype/Online counseling option (for more information, see the section on Skype/Online Counseling).


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